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Alhamdulillah,saya sudah bergelar seorang guru,dengan berkat usaha dan keyakinan dalam menamatkan pengajian di UKM,saya ditempatkan di sebuah sekolah yang agak besar di negeri sembilan,terima kepada semua pihak yang banyak membantu saya dalam mengecapi kejayaan ini..

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Final FA: Kelantan vs Selangor

i'm really proud with myself cause i'm the one of kelantanese,
cogratulation to kelantan football team because can played in the final FA cup.
although we can't beat Selangor in the penalties by you have shown that Selangor can't beat us easily..thank you to all kelantan fans because have a time to attend in the stadium..wish next year we can grab this cup..huuraaayyyyyyyy..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

seri sepang secondary school!!!!1

to all student who learn here and all teacher who teach here..
please welcome me as the others..
please help me and guide me because i'm a new practical teacher who will teach in this school..
see you there..
i will there on 11/05/2009...

Friday, April 3, 2009

reduce learning content for SPM..

to make our leaning not just based on examination..reducing content is a good step for all student and ministry..we also can reduce time using for checking examination paper, thus, the time for annouce the result also become short..at this time,the student not also learning based on text book only..they also have to do project paper, experiment and many more..so, by reducing this,the student have more time to do more activity rather than focus on academic only..

kelantan vs kedah and mu vs aston villa...

who will be the winner for these match..kelantan is a good team right now..so there is no reason kelantan will lose for these game..i hope kelantan will have a great game a show to the selangor's team that kelantan have a chance to be champion in super league..for mu, i hope your team can make a miracle since mu will against aston villa although..i love mu..go go go mu..hehe

it's me..

my name is mohd rosli bin hamzah. i'm 22 years old and kelantanese.. now, i'm studying at UKM as third years student in education majoring mathematic and minoring chemistry.i hope more students, friends and anyone else come join me in this blog.thank you